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    Semi-automatic plane labeling machine, farmers dream!

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      Since the semi-automatic labeling machine, my dream has slowly begun to realize...

      After the couple got married in high school, they started to be peasants. The lychee was produced in the hometown, and the litchi honey was deeply loved by the public. My wife and I started beekeepers and opened a small workshop selling honey and honey products. After continuous efforts, the business has gradually improved, but it is the price line of the people, although it sells more, it is only a solution to the problem of food and clothing, a slight balance. I am also confused, despite this effort, when can I make a lot of money!

      Fortunately, an old customer who frequents us suddenly comes to talk to us about business cooperation. He said that he has eaten our products and is assured of quality. To order honey products from us, we must increase production, one month. To supply 300,000 bottles of honey, the premise is to use the bottle label provided by him, and the label accuracy should be at least ±1, because he wants to export to New Zealand, the appearance can not be sloppy, it is recommended that we use a professional labeling machine.

      With such a big list, my wife and I were so happy that we had to go back to God for a long time. But then, the troubles came again. The bottles provided by the guests were six-faced. I consulted several labeling machine manufacturers. I recommend using automatic labeling machines to face tens of thousands of equipment. Wife's opinion is that the cost of buying a house is not so high. After all, it is a farmer, so look for so much money. Can you use a semi-automatic labeling machine, asked several people say that because of the shape of the bottle, some say that semi-automatic stickers can not, and some say that the accuracy of the label can not be guaranteed. It seems that this single big business can not be connected with the unknown, where to find such a semi-automatic labeling machine?

      Huang Tian pays off, and after several inquiries, let me know the Seagate labeling machine. After carefully listening to my actual situation and needs, Seagate Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. recommended that I use a semi-automatic flat roll labeling machine based on similar product labeling samples and cases that have been successfully serviced in the past. This labeling machine is mainly used for labeling products with flat or tapered surface on flat bottles and square bottles. In my opinion, the biggest function is to stick six-sided bottles or even eight-sided bottles. The bottles are automatically flipped and can effectively improve the stickers. Standard efficiency, roll-on method can eliminate bubbles, and mainly the price I can afford. After watching the actual test video of the sample, my heart finally fell.

      Now my small workshop has become a regular factory, and the customers have accumulated more and more. I didn't dare to think that the business could be so good. Thanks to all those who have helped me, and thanks to Seagate labeling machine for providing me with such a good semi-automatic plane labeling machine to help me take off. When the business is better, I will switch to a fully automatic square bottle labeling machine. Farmers can realize big dreams by choosing the right equipment!