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    Enhance product grade and brand image with Seagate plywood special labeling machine

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      I have been in the plywood factory in Guigang for more than ten years. As one of the three major plywood production markets in China, Guigang has been watching the market competition intensifying. There are many manufacturers of various sizes, the quality is uneven, and the fish are mixed. Like the manufacturer of my scale, before I posted the label, I had a customer complaining to me that the customer used the board that is not my brand to ask for an unreasonable request after the sale. In order to ensure the customer's benefit, it is effectively distinguished from other products. On the label, write your own brand, you can identify it, and the second is quite brand promotion. But just labeling this work takes a lot of labor and time, which makes me very headache!

      Chatting with friends in the business circle I learned that Seagate has equipment for plywood labeling, and there are still permanent points here. In response to this information, I directly found the official website of Seagate on the Internet to verify and compare, and explained my situation specifically. After understanding and understanding, I found that many places in my place have used Seagate plywood special labeling machine. According to the success of previous service cases, according to the scale of my current factory, I suggest that I put anti-counterfeit labels, which can effectively enhance the brand image in the market, provide label production methods, and provide reference for anti-counterfeit label design content. After an hour of careful negotiation, Seagate officially recommended that their resident engineers in Guigang first visit the job site and provide the most appropriate labeling solution. Here, I have to praise the attitude and efficiency of Seagate engineers. At 12 o'clock noon, the contact with Seagate headquarters was completed. At 3 o'clock, their resident engineers went to the site to carefully investigate and record.

      Then the program came out, I feel very good, mainly this plywood labeling machine occupies a small footprint, directly matching my existing assembly line, can achieve online labeling without special attention, labeling efficiency and accuracy are better than previous manual labeling The quality leap, and the operation is simple, the touch screen control, the workers are taught immediately, the core components of the equipment also have dust-proof function, this function is a great guarantee for the equipment life in the sheet factory. After understanding and comparing several similar products, I still think that Seagate Automation's labeling machine is better. One is that they are serious in their work, the service is in place, they can consider the problem from the perspective of customers, and the other equipment is cost-effective.

      Later, Seagate plywood special labeling machine was installed on my assembly line as scheduled, plus my new anti-counterfeit label, the effect is really very satisfactory, the product grade is obviously improved, and the brand image of the product enters the public with a new look. Vision. Thank you Seagate, thank you for this good plywood special labeling machine.