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    Seagate labeling machine, more! fast! it is good! province!

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      I have been doing liquor business in Yunnan. Recently, I have added three new products. The original round bottle labeling machine cannot meet the labeling requirements of newly developed products. The shape of the bottle is different, square bottle, flat bottle, big belly bottle, labeling from the neck mark to the positive back label, the number of sheets varies from one to three, how to spend the least amount of money to meet the new product labeling requirements? This real problem is in front of me. My idea is to find a labeling machine that can directly access my existing assembly line, and to meet all the labeling requirements of my existing products.

      I tried to contact the manufacturer who bought the round bottle labeling machine before, but I was not satisfied with the plan they had, because the impact on my production line changes is relatively large, which will reduce my production efficiency. The other homes I found were not very effective. During my online trip, I found that Seagate Automation promoted their fourth-generation labeling machine, the three-head multi-function labeling machine, on the Internet. It is very eye-catching: Is this the labeling machine I am looking for?

      After a detailed conversation, this three-head multi-function labeling machine has both sides, a round bottle, and a positioning label. It can be used according to the needs, and can be compatible with a variety of shapes: round bottles, Square bottles, flat bottles, big belly bottles, etc., the speed can be achieved 10,000 bottles per hour, the labeling effect is very good, my labeling requirements can be achieved. If you don’t practice, you can’t reflect the true ability. Listening to Seagate’s saying is so good, I will send a sample of the past waiting for the program and the test video.

      Three days later, the program and video were handed to me. The effect was beyond my expectation. I didn't expect this behemoth to have such delicate labeling accuracy and speed. In order to be on the safe side, I specially sent a good assistant to the Seagate factory to observe the inspection effect on the spot. The person who came back gave me the test sample model and said that the equipment is excellent, the technology is exquisite, the cost performance is high, the service is first-class, and it can be purchased.

      Now, this Taiwan three-head multi-function labeling machine has been perfectly integrated with my assembly line. The newly developed products are continuously flowed to the conveyor belt of this labeling machine for labeling work. The next step is Delivered to the warehouse of each distribution agent. Only use one labeling machine, not only save a lot of equipment spending, but also know the high-quality labeling machine manufacturers like Seagate! Happy cooperation, Seagate Automation!