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    Labeling machine, new automatic equipment in the industry

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      How it works: The beginning of the work process is when the box is fed to the labeler at a constant speed on the conveyor. The mechanical fixture separates the boxes by a fixed distance and pushes the box in the direction of the conveyor. The mechanical system of the labeler includes a drive wheel, a labeling wheel, and a reel. The drive wheel intermittently drags the label belt to move, the label tape is pulled out of the spool, and the label wheel is pressed against the box by the labeling wheel. An open-loop displacement control is used on the reel to maintain the tension of the label strip. Since the labels are closely connected to each other on the label strip, the label strip must be constantly stopped and stopped. The label is affixed to the box with the labeling wheel moving at the same speed as the box. When the conveyor reaches a certain position, the label drive wheel accelerates to match the speed of the conveyor belt, and then decelerates to a stop. Since the label may slip, it has a registration mark on it to ensure that each label is placed correctly. The registration mark is read by a sensor, and during the deceleration phase of the label, the drive wheel will reposition the position to correct any positional errors on the label strip.


      The vector series are a new generation of high-performance vector inverters, which have the following characteristics: 1. Adopt the latest high-speed motor control chip DSP to ensure fast response of vector control. 2. The modular design of the hardware circuit ensures stable and efficient operation of the circuit. 3. The design combines the European car design concept with smooth lines and beautiful appearance. 4. The structure adopts independent air duct design, the fan can be freely disassembled and the heat dissipation is good. 5. No PG vector control, PG vector control, torque control, V/F control can be selected. 6. Powerful input and output multi-function programmable terminal, speed pulse input, two analog output. 7. The unique "excavator" adaptive control feature automatically limits the motor torque upper limit during operation, effectively suppressing frequent overcurrent trips. 8. Wide voltage input, automatic voltage regulation (AVR), instant power failure without stopping, and adaptability is stronger. 9. Built-in advanced PID algorithm, fast response, adaptability, simple debugging; 16-segment speed control, simple PLC realizes multi-function logic control such as timing, fixed speed, orientation, etc., and various flexible control methods to meet various complexities Working condition requirements. 10. Built-in international standard MODBUS RTU ASCII communication protocol, users can control the centralized control of the inverter 485 communication network through PC/PLC control host computer. Broken label processing: After the die-cut label is processed into a finished product, the bottom paper is generally kept wider than the label, which is to facilitate the labeling when the customer labels. It is easy to split the bottom paper of the edge of the label into small cracks during the transportation and handling of the label package. The automatic labeling machine has a certain tension when labeling, and the label with a crack at the edge of the bottom paper is easily broken under the action of tension, resulting in labeling and breaking. In addition, there is also a situation in which the adjustment of the roller on the automatic labeling machine is inappropriate, which causes the bottom paper of the edge of the roller to be cracked to cause labeling and breaking. Generally, the labeling and breaking of the bottom paper caused by the roller crushing of the bottom paper is relatively regular. If the rewinding of the finished label is too tight, the adhesive in the adhesive will be squeezed out and the glue will be bleed. The oozing glue will stick to the back of the bottom paper and the whole label will not be easily loosened.