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    Automatic labeling machine to break the standard to solve small solutions

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    When we are ready to work, especially when using a fully automatic labeling machine, this will not cause problems during our work. Don't underestimate the small details of the labeling when labeling, so let's learn how to handle the labeling solution:



      Mastering more information is conducive to the work. After the die-cutting is processed into a product, the sticker will generally be kept wider than the label. This is to facilitate the labeling when the customer labels the label. waste time. In the process of label packaging and transfer, it is very simple to split the edge of the label to form a small gap. The active labeling machine has a certain tension when labeling, and the label with the crack at the margin of the bottom paper is simply pulled off under the effect of tension, resulting in labeling and breaking. In addition, the adjustment of the roller on the active labeling machine is not suitable, and the bottom paper of the roller fracturing label is formed into a labeling tape. Generally, the labeling tape formed by the roller is crushed by the roller, and the crack of the bottom paper is relatively regular.

      2.Tight formation

      If the rewinding of the product label is too tight, the adhesive formed in the adhesive will be extruded to cause the bleed, and the oozing glue will stick to the back of the bottom paper so that the entire label is not easily loosened. This situation is particularly noticeable during the summer. If the label is narrower, the tensile strength of the base paper on the unit area will not be too large. The active labeling machine has a certain tension during the labeling process. When a roll of labels with a bleed phenomenon is used for active labeling, it is likely that the bottom paper of the unlabeled label is pulled off under the effect of the tension of the labeler and the tension from the inside of the body during the labeling process. Form a labeling break. The labeling tape formed by this condition is cracked irregularly due to the pulling force, but the cracking surface is relatively uniform.