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    Plane labeling machine conveyor belt use method

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    In the process of the conveyor of the plane labeling machine, the most vulnerable is the conveyor belt. Although the conveyor belt is not worth a lot of money, if you pay attention to the use and maintenance during the normal use, it can extend the use time of the conveyor belt and save. Cost.


         1. Before the plane labeling machine opens the conveyor belt, we should not put the product into the conveyor belt. This is the product that needs to pay attention to the product after the product reaches a certain weight and the labeling. The excessive product causes the conveyor belt load to start, so it is easy. Shorten life;

      2. If there is any blanking or debris falling into the conveyor belt during the labeling process, it should be picked up in time to prevent jamming or winding the conveyor belt;

      3. The offset of the conveyor belt of the plane labeling machine should be corrected in time;

      4. The feeding direction should be in the running direction of the conveyor belt, in order to reduce the impact on the conveyor belt when the material falls,

      5. Under the premise that the labeling speed meets the production requirements, it is not appropriate to adjust the running speed of the conveyor belt too fast, reducing the work energy consumption;

      6. Avoid the belt being damaged by the motor frame or the unevenness of the electric box bracket;

      7. Try to shut down when there is no labeling production, let the automatic plane labeling machine rest;

      8. Personnel should pay attention to the maintenance of equipment during the use process, and do a good job of cleaning, dustproof and waterproof.

      The automatic plane labeling machine has a small conveyor belt. Although the object is small, it is necessary to improve the enterprise efficiency and reduce the cost of the enterprise. Correct use and maintenance are necessary.