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    Correct cleaning method of automatic labeling machine?

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    We all know that for labeling machine, label materials adopted by the working strength is particularly important, it will affect the normal in the process of labeling machine operation standard, the thickness of the label paper is usually to control more than 100 um, small area of the label does not apply to the big labels, need to pay attention to the thickness and area of the label, but also pay attention to the bottom of the label paper surface is coated with silicon even, whether to have good tensile strength but also have good pervious to light


    The labeling machine has been widely used in various enterprises and fields due to its characteristics of stability and high-speed labeling. Correct maintenance and lubrication of the labelling machine will make the labelling equipment run more efficiently. The entire cleaning process of labelling machine requires correct cleaning sequence to achieve twice the result with half the effort. The details are as follows:

    1, the first plate, scraper, glue filler, glue barrel, blow pipe, door removed, soaking in car leaching (water temperature 400 ℃ to 500 ℃, but the board must be placed in addition, shall not be used more than 40 ℃ water immersion, only with warm water, 40 ℃);

    2. Cover the surface of the label table and the place with the wet cloth with alkaline cleaning agent water;

    3. Clean large rotary table, bottle holder, label table, column gate, top, bottle dividing plate, star wheel, barrier and platform with wool or cloth alkaline cleaning agent water;

    4. Use wet cloth to clean the mark box, mark drum to get the mark clamp and mark rubber mat;

    5. Clean the surface of the drum with a wet cloth. Rinse and soak with water is strictly prohibited.