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    Semi-automatic double side labeling machine


    This equipment is suitable for single-sided and double-sided, curved surface labeling of flat bottles, shaped bottles and square bottles in daily chemical, domestic, pharmaceutical, food and other light industry. Applicable to self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive film, electronic supervision code, barcode, QR code label, transparent label, etc. The equipment has high stability, good labeling effect, fast speed, no bubble, no wrinkles, labeling accuracy ±1mm .


    ◆Fast and efficient, double-head design, two labels at the same time, which is several times the efficiency of manual labeling.

    It is powerful and can be used for labeling of side, arc surface and concave plane of various workpieces. It can be used for labeling irregular workpieces.

    Equipped with a color touch screen, 50 sets of parameters to save memory function, one-click troubleshooting.

    Sticking standard is true, high stability, using PLC+ subdivided stepper motor to drive the standard, and sending the standard; the discharging mechanism is equipped with the brake function to ensure the tightness of the label, ensuring accurate label detection; the labeling and detouring mechanism prevents the label Left and right offset;

    Durable and durable, the circuit is arranged separately from the gas path, and the gas path is equipped with a purifying device to prevent the moisture of the air from invading the electrical appliance and prolonging the life of the equipment; the whole machine is made of high-grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel, and the quality is firm;

    Easy adjustment, configuration of adjustable front and rear strokes, labeling of different sizes of products, no need to change fixtures repeatedly;

    Beautiful appearance, using the bottom computer white electric box, with stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, beautiful appearance, upgrade equipment grade;

    With manual/automatic 2 kinds of labeling control methods, workers can choose to use the sensor or foot to realize labeling control according to their needs; set manual and automatic control buttons, and the length of the label can be adjusted freely;

    ◆Optional features and components:

    Coder: The hot code printer prints the production date, product expiration date, production lot number, etc. Synchronize coding and labeling to improve production efficiency.

    Universal sensor: Ordinary sensors can not detect transparent labels, and must be used with German imported Leuze special electric eye.

    Inkjet printer: It can be matched with the mainstream inkjet printer on the market, and it can be coded at the specified position of the label, which is perfectly combined with the labeling machine.

    Special label electric eye


    Applicable label specifications :

    (L)20mm~300mm;(W)30mm~90mm ;(H)60mm~350mm 

     Applicable product specifications (for round bottles):


     Applicable standard specifications (outer diameter, inner diameter):

    Outer diameter:Φ≤280mm;Inner diameter:Φ76mm 

     System speed (marking, labeling):

    (related to the size of the bottle and label)

    Marking speed: (step)5~19m/Min,(servo)5~25m/Min

    Labeling speed: (step)20-40pcs/Min,(servo)30-60pcs/Min

     Labeling accuracy:




     Power and total power:


     Reference Size:

     (L)1320×(W)1400×(H)1530 mm