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    Four-corner automatic sealing machine


    The automatic folding and sealing machine can automatically fold the four upper covers of the carton and automatically seal the tape. It is an efficient automatic folding and sealing machine suitable for wiring. In addition to manually adjusting the machine according to the size of the carton, automatic folding of the upper cover and tape sealing can be achieved. It can be used in single-box operation, or it can be used as a packaging line with carton forming and unpacking machine, packing machine, labeling machine, strapping machine, pallet stacking machine, conveyor, etc., which is necessary for packaging assembly line operation. When the cabinet size is small and the production capacity of the production line is large, the machine should be the first choice.


    ◆Imported parts, electrical components and pneumatic components are widely used in food, beverage, daily chemical, electronics, medicine, tobacco and other industries.

    ◆The upper cover of the carton is automatically folded in, smooth and smooth, and the sealing operation is completed in one go, beautiful and labor-saving, and can be used with the automatic packaging machinery series.

    ◆The new patented tape dispenser, which does not use a blower to blow the tape, uses the patented tableting device to make the tape stand upright without bending and can not be pasted.

    ◆The upper and lower belt drive, the main transmission mechanism uses a special Palin seat with high precision and low noise to increase the belt life.


    transfer speed:


    Maximum package size:


    Minimum package size:


    Power supply:

    220/380V 50Hz

    Consumption function:


    Applicable tape:


    Machine size:

    L1020×W850×H1350(excluding front and rear roller frames)