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    XY axis high precision CCD labeling machine


    Applicable to a variety of flat products, a wide range of applications. Applicable to the self-adhesive labeling of various items on the plane, manual storage, automatic labeling. It has the advantages of simple operation, high precision and accurate labeling.


    ◆It can realize full-circle/half-week labeling and labeling on the back of the round bottle. The spacing of the back label can be adjusted freely, and it is widely used in food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

    ◆Supports conical bottle labeling, with taper adjustment knob, which can be easily adjusted to meet the labeling of taper bottles;

    ◆Optional circumferential/half-circumferential positioning detection device for high-precision positioning of the circumference/half circumference;

    ◆Optional code printer or inkjet printer, print the production date and batch number and other information at the same time of labeling, to achieve coding and labeling integration;

    ◆Optional features and components:

    Coder: The hot code printer prints the production date, product expiration date, production lot number, etc. Synchronize coding and labeling to improve production efficiency.

    Universal sensor: Ordinary sensors can not detect transparent labels, and must be used with German imported Leuze special electric eye.

    Inkjet printer: It can be matched with the mainstream inkjet printer on the market, and it can be coded at the specified position of the label, which is perfectly combined with the labeling machine.

    Reader: Read the QR code, barcode and other information, easy to establish a product database for product traceability.


    Applicable label specifications :

    Length: 6mm ~ 300mm; width: 15mm ~ 250mm

     Applicable product specifications (for round bottles):

    Length: 12mm ~ 150mm; height: 30 ~ 300mm

     Applicable standard specifications (outer diameter, inner diameter):

    Outer diameter: Φ ≤ 250mm; inner diameter: Φ76mm 

     System speed (marking, labeling):

    (related to the size of the bottle and label)

    Marking speed: (step) 5~19m/Min, (servo) 5~25m/Min

    Labeling speed: (step) 30-120pcs/Min, (servo) 40-180pcs/Min

     Labeling accuracy:


     Weight (kg):

     About 40kg

     power supply:


     Reference Size:

     (L)600×(W)350×(H)450 mm