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    Fully automatic side line labeling head


     Applicable to labeling or self-adhesive film on the upper surface of various items, such as car battery, instant noodle barrel, lighter, book, folder, box, carton, etc. Replacement labeling mechanism can be applied to uneven surface labeling, widely used For flat labeling of large products, flat objects with a wide range of specifications are labeled.


    ◆Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, barcodes, etc.

    ◆Applicable products: Products that require labels or films on flat, large curved surfaces.

    ◆Application industry: widely used in printing, stationery, food, daily chemicals, electronics, medicine, and other industries.

    ◆Application examples: book surface labeling, folder labeling, packaging box labeling, sheet labeling, etc.

    ◆Optional features and components:

    Optional code printer or printer to the labeling head, can print information such as production date, batch number and printing barcode on the label.

    Optional inkjet printer to conveyor belt, can print the production date, batch number, barcode and other information on the product before or after labeling.


    Applicable label specifications :


     Applicable product specifications (for round bottles):

    Φ25mm~90mm; height: 25~300mm

     Applicable standard specifications (outer diameter, inner diameter):

    Outer diameter: Φ ≤ 350mm; inner diameter: Φ76mm 

     System speed (marking, labeling):

    (related to the size of the bottle and label)

    Marking speed: (step) 5~19m/Min, (servo) 5~25m/Min

    Labeling speed: (step) 40-150pcs/Min, (servo) 50-200pcs/Min

     Labeling accuracy:


     Weight (kg):

     About 100kg

     Power and total power:


     Reference Size:

     (L)600×(W)480×(H)1400 mm