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    Automatic film labeling machine


    It is suitable for labeling or covering the blank film on the blank film, such as electronic trademark (the bottom mark is electronic component, the standard is the protective film), etc., widely used in the electronic industry and culture and education industry film labeling. Optional code printer or printer to the labeling head, can print information such as production date, batch number and printing barcode on the label.


    ◆The core working principle: when the sensor detects that the film needs to be labeled, it sends back the signal to the labeling control system. After the signal is processed by the PLC, the label is sent at the appropriate time to be attached to the product setting position, and the film is overlaid by the film. The device is covered with a secure label and the attachment of a label is completed.
    Operation process: traction is good film ->Need to label position detection ->Labeling—>Overlay—>Winding the labeled roll film


    Applicable label specifications :


     Applicable product specifications (for round bottles):

    Length: 300mm or less; Height: 20~200mm

     Applicable standard specifications (outer diameter, inner diameter):

    Outer diameter:Φ≤280mm;Inner diameter:Φ76mm 

     System speed (marking, labeling):

    (related to the size of the bottle and label)

    Marking speed: (step)5~19m/Min,(servo)5~25m/Min

    Labeling speed: (step) 30-120pcs/Min, (servo) 40-180pcs/Min

     Labeling accuracy:


     Weight (kg):

     About 300kg

    power supply:


    Reference Size:

     (L)1550×(W)720×(H)1350 mm