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    Automatic linear steam sleeve labeling machine


    The new steam shrinking furnace is used with steam generators. Its main purpose is to shrink PET, PVC and other labels. It has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, curved bottles, shaped bottles, cups, barrels, pots, etc. Only a little adjustment is needed, speed control production, no need for any other equipment changes.


    ◆Three-stage adjustable spout: the height, front and rear, and air output of each section can be adjusted independently, which is convenient for operation and maintenance;

    ◆The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel shell, split design: waterproof, no rust, stable structure, convenient installation and displacement;

    ◆Insulation compartment: reduce heat loss, save energy, and prevent accidental burns, in line with international safety standards;

    ◆Seamless steel tube design, low pressure steam separation: the heat source is evenly distributed, the label is heated and balanced, the shrinkage is flat, no wrinkles, no overheating damage to the label quality (color and gloss), maintaining the inherent design of the label, the shrinking effect is perfect;

    ◆Maintenance-free design, no wearing parts and consumable parts: continuous production on-line, low operating cost and long service life;

    ◆Stainless steel water tray at the bottom: Concentrated condensate to reduce water waste and not too humid in the production site;

    Note: The exhaust fan can be selected according to the actual situation of the plant. The production site with spacious and good ventilation effect can be equipped with no fan.


    Steam shrinking furnace model:

    XJ2000                  XJ1800

    Fan input power:

    220V/50Hz            220V/50Hz

    Fan power:

    0.75KW                 0.75KW

    Steam generator input power:

    380V/50Hz           380V/50Hz

    Working pressure:

    ≤0.1Mpa              ≤0.1Mpa

    Steam usage:

    10-20kg/h            10-20kg/h

     Weight (kg):

     About 230kg               About 200kg

    Fan input power:


    Furnace size:

     (L)2000×(W)405×(H)415 mm          (L)1800×(W)405×(H)415 mm